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Personal Care


???????????????????Grace's portfolio for Personal Care Ingredients consists of a range of functional additives that improve processing, achieve desired properties, enhance touch/feeling, or extend the stability and shelf-life of finished products. In personal care formulations, the physical characteristics of silica can alter product tactile qualities or enhance other properties such as:

  • Improving skin-feel
  • Adding film uniformity
  • Providing mattifying effect
  • Replacing polymer microspheres in exfoliant applications

?The versatile properties of our SYLOID? ?silica and SYLOSIV? molecular sieve products allow them to be used across multiple personal care applications such as:

  • Sun care
  • Skin care
  • Hair care
  • Nail care
  • Cosmetic

In addition, a relationship with Grace brings technical collaboration and support to speed your manufacturing and product development process.?? Consult your Grace representative to choose the products to achieve the desired effects in your personal care formulations.??


???Grace Acquires Evonik Dental Silica and Former Huber Defoamer Product Lines?

Read the press release on www.7l2i.com???
More information on SIDENT? products?